Wall-mounted air conditioning unit cleaning

Common problems

1. You hardly feel the cool air
2. Your conditioning unit is louder than in the past
3. Frost is forming on the coil
4. It takes much longer to cool the rooms than in the past
5. Unpleasant smells come from your wall-mounted unit

Given the restricted amount of space between the components of a wall-mounted air conditioning unit, there is no question but that it will collect dust quickly resulting in some of the aforementioned problems, which in turn could be very costly without solving the problem at hand.

If you are uncertain about the efficiency of your wall-mounted unit, it might be time to have it cleaned. Our technical specialists are trained to detect these types of malfunction.

Exemple de conduit d’air résidentiel obstrué

Cleaning procedure

Unique and efficient cleaning technique

Over the last few years we have developed a unique and extremely efficient cleaning technique that is not harmful to your wall-mounted unit and which is guaranteed to return your unit’s efficiency to that of former years while eliminating the aforementioned problems.

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