Air exchange system cleaning

The air exchanger makes it possible to breathe better by evacuating the stale and damp air outside and replacing the indoor air with fresh air.

Why clean your air exchange system?

A poorly maintained air exchanger

A poorly maintained air exchanger will eventually lead to higher energy costs, considerable repairs and even premature replacement, as well as being extremely detrimental to indoor air quality.

Poor air quality

Poor indoor air quality can seriously affect your health, causing symptoms such as fever, flu, chills, allergies, sneezing, nasal congestion, and tingling eyes and throat.

Common problems

1 Return grid

The dust deposits you see on the air intake grille of your air exchanger indicate that this dust has already circulated inside your home. This dust is drawn into your air exchanger via ducts, and then settles on your filters. That’s one way to tell if your air exchanger needs a good cleaning!

2 Dirty air filter

The role of filters

Filters play a crucial role inside your air exchanger, protecting components such as the fan(s), core, dampers and the interior of your air exchanger while reducing the amount of dust, pollen and insects that can enter your home and affect your air quality.

If the filters are clogged with dust, pollen and insects, you run the risk of damaging your air exchanger, since a clogged filter prevents air from circulating better, creating an air restriction that greatly affects your air exchanger.

3 Air exchanger core

What is the purpose of the air exchanger core?

The air exchanger core is one of the most important components of your air exchanger, directing air from the outside to the inside and inside air to the outside. It absorbs humidity and directs it to the flow path, and is largely responsible for regulating humidity levels and air quality inside the building.

4 Fan

Even if you maintain your air exchanger according to the recommendations in your manual, the fan of your air exchanger is not immune to dust, pollen and insects from outside. A fan clogged with dust can cause the turbine to unbalance, leading to substantial repair costs and even premature replacement of several components.

Unfortunately, the fan of your air exchanger is not one of the components that a homeowner can clean, so it’s essential to call in a professional.

5 Ducts

The ducts in your air exchanger transport fresh air from outside to inside. Over time, these ducts become saturated with dust, pollen and insects. Only a professional can clean these components.

Our Services

  • Cleaning the fan
  • Decontamination of the system
  • Cleaning the core (if necessary)
  • Cleaning the inside of the system
  • Cleaning of supply lines and air intakes