Air exchange system cleaning

The air exchanger makes it possible to breathe better by evacuating the stale and damp air outside and replacing the indoor air with fresh air.

Why is essential to clean your air exchanger?

Avoid unnecessary costs and improve air quality

A poorly maintained air exchanger can increase your energy costs, necessitate costly repairs, and even require premature replacement. Most critically, it compromises indoor air quality.

Protect your health

Poor indoor air quality can cause allergies, respiratory symptoms and other health problems. Regular cleaning of your air exchanger ensures healthier air, protecting your family’s health.

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Essential air exchanger maintenance: protect your indoor air quality

1Return grid

When you see dust deposits on the air intake grille of your air exchanger, it means that this dust has already circulated in your home.

This dust is drawn into your air exchanger and settles on your filters, clearly indicating that your unit needs a thorough cleaning.

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2Air filter

The vital role of filters

The filters in your exchanger play a crucial role in protecting its internal components, such as the fans, core and dampers, while reducing the spread of dust, pollen and insects throughout your home.

A clogged filter can seriously damage your air exchanger by restricting air circulation, thus affecting its efficiency and your air quality.

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3Air exchanger core

Importance of the core

The air exchanger core is essential for regulating incoming and outgoing air, and plays an important role in humidity control and indoor air quality. It directs humidity to the flow failure and requires regular maintenance to operate efficiently.

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Even if you maintain your air exchanger in accordance with the instructions in this manual, the fan can still collect dust, pollen and insects from outside. A clogged fan can unbalance the turbine, leading to costly repairs or even early replacement of certain components.

Since cleaning an air exchanger fan is beyond the means of homeowners, it’s crucial to call in a professional for this task.

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The ducts carry fresh air from outside to inside your home, and can become saturated with dust, pollen and insects over time. The cleaning of these ducts is complex and must be carried out by a professional to guarantee air quality and the smooth operation of the exchanger.

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Our air exchanger cleaning services

To ensure optimum operation of your air exchanger system and maintain impeccable indoor air quality, we offer a complete range of specialized cleaning services.

Our experienced technicians use advanced techniques to ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of every component of your system.

Our Services

  • Cleaning the fan
  • Decontamination of the system
  • Cleaning the core (if necessary)
  • Cleaning the inside of the system
  • Cleaning of supply lines and air intakes

Trust our experts to keep your air exchanger in top condition, improving the health and comfort of your indoor environment.

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