Air Duct Cleaning

Large quantities of dust and contaminants accumulate in the air, heating and air-conditioning systems.

Why clean your air ducts?

Dust and contaminant build-ups are most prevalent in ventilating and heating and cooling systems.

In addition to being harmful to your health (breathing problems, asthma, allergies, colds, etc.), these contaminants can cause an imbalance in air circulation thereby increasing energy costs.

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Approximately 40,000 mites in one ounce of dust

Pollution invisible to humans is the most sneaky to our health, because we do not know what we breathe and it is introduced into our heating, air conditioning and lung systems!

We can definitely improve your air quality!

Residential cleaning

Groupe Ventilation Conceptech wants you, your family and your loved ones to enjoy superior air quality without worrying about your duct system. For these reasons, we are committed to offering you the highest quality services possible.

We guarantee you a high quality cleaning of your duct system and components.

Cleaning work will not have to be repeated for another three years from the date of the previous cleaning procedure.

Our services

  • Main duct systems
  • Air supply duct and air intake
  • Inside the central system
  • Air blower
  • TEA THREE OIL (Melaleuca) decontamination

Commercial, industrial & institutional cleaning

Our demonstrated experience in several different establishments has shown that after the application of our cleaning procedure, ventilating systems offered outstanding reliability and maximum performance in a most healthy environment.

We guarantee you a high quality cleaning of your duct system and components.

Through our involvement in many large projects, our team has acquired a strong recognized competence.

Our services

  • Audio-visual inspection system
  • Digital camera inspection (photo provided with date and time)
  • Production of reports pertaining to inspections, deficiencies, recommendations and assessment of costs involved
  • Cleaning of air supply ducts and main air intakes
  • Cleaning and decontamination of air ducts and air intakes
  • Project steering and estimate
  • Project management
  • Development of a regular preventive maintenance program (proposition)

Note the results of work well done!

Pictures taken before and after our air duct cleaning will be sent to you via email

This speaks for the quality and professionalism of our technicians as well as the quality of work performed.

Example of cleaned residential air duct
Example of cleaned commercial air duct
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