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Air Duct


Dust and contaminant build-ups are most prevalent in ventilating and heating and cooling systems.

In addition to being harmful to your health (breathing problems, asthma, allergies, colds, etc.), these contaminants can cause an imbalance in air circulation thereby increasing energy costs.

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Air Duct

Commercial, industrial and institutional

Our demonstrated experience in several different establishments has shown that after the application of our cleaning procedure, ventilating systems offered outstanding reliability and maximum performance in a most healthy environment.

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Wall-mounted air conditioning unit

Your wall-mounted unit does not perform as it once did?

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Air exchange system

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Dryer duct

Your dryer takes longer to dry your laundry than in the past or is still humid even after the drying cycle is done?

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Groupe Ventilation Conceptech wants you, your family and your loved ones to enjoy superior air quality without worrying about your duct system. For these reasons, we are committed to offering you the highest quality services possible!

Our technicians make cuts to use digital cameras for taking before and after pictures prior to the start-up of the duct cleaning work. These pictures are sent to our clients via e-mail.